Interviewing Erin Jade Lange

Erin Jade Lange was nice enough to stop by and chat about Rebel Bully Geek Pariah!

These categories are like an updated Breakfast Club.  How did you decide which ones to use?

I knew I wanted to tell a story of 4 teens who were all outcasts in their own ways, but they had to be different enough that they wouldn’t likely roll with the same crowd. As far as their labels, what was most important to me was that those labels be easily shed. While there may be truth to those “categories” on the surface, there are always more layers of a person to explore. We don’t have to be just one thing. In that way, the message is similar to Breakfast Club’s, but I think the characters are all pretty different. Except for Boston, my Geek. He’s a little Anthony Michael Hall. ;)

Which character are you most like?

By far, I am most like Sam, the Pariah. She has worked very hard to become invisible, and I went through a period like that as a teenager, though for different reasons. Sam is the narrator of this story, and we see the other three characters through her lens, which is part admiration and part judgment. I was like that as a teen, watching others from a distance, half afraid of them and half wishing I could be them.

If Rebel Bully Geek Pariah had a signature drink, what would it be?

Rum Runner, because these kids are on the run a LOT!

What was the inspiration for Rebel Bully Geek Pariah?

I can’t remember the very first flash of inspiration for RBGP, probably because it was so long ago! See, this is actually a fresh version of the very first book I ever wrote. That original manuscript looks entirely different and is collecting dust in a drawer, but I always loved the idea, so I took that initial seed of these four characters thrown together and gave them a new story.

If you could make one book mandatory, what would it be and why?

Harry Potter. Truly, no book in our lifetime (perhaps ever) has created new readers like the HP series books have, so I would make the first Potter book mandatory in hopes of bringing new readers to the table who would then go on to read many more books.

What are your five favorite books?  You can do authors if that’s easier.

I wrote a blog once about the impossibility of answering this question and titled it: One Flew Over the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Lord of the Fear and Loathing in Harry Potter and the Catcher in the Watership down. And yet books by some of my favorite authors aren’t even in there! I truly never answer the same way twice. Today, I’ll say my top 5 authors are: Patrick Ness, Judy Blume, Kurt Vonnegut, Cormac McCarthy, and Suzanne Collins

What 2016 releases are you looking forward to?

-The City of Mirrors, by Justin Cronin (if it actually comes out in 2016. We’ll see!)

-Girl Against the Universe, by Paula Stokes

-The Shadow Queen, by C.J. Redwine

-Six of Crows “book 2”, by Leigh Bardugo (assuming I like book one, coming out in 2015, which I highly suspect I will.)

-Truthwitch, by Susan Dennard

Thanks, Erin!


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