Squid’s Grief Cover Reveal


You guys, I am so excited for Squid’s Grief!  As you know, DK is one of my authors, and I love her books so much and this one sounds amazing (details below).

Title:                Squid’s Grief

Author:           DK Mok

Genre:             Cyberpunk Noir

Releases:        March 8, 2016

Formats:         Paperback & Ebook

Cover artist:  Errick A. Nunnally


In the seething metropolis of Baltus City, car-hacker Squid is desperate for a fresh start. Determined to break free from the criminal syndicate that commands her, she agrees to one last heist. But when she rescues a cheerful amnesiac from the trunk of a stolen car, her decision to help him sends her own plans into a tailspin.

Squid and the amnesiac—soon nicknamed Grief—rapidly find themselves caught between warring criminal factions, shadowy vigilantes, and Squid’s own hopes for a better future.

As she investigates deeper into the mystery of Grief’s true identity, Squid begins to uncover a past darker than her own, setting her on a collision course with the enigmatic crime lords who rule Baltus City.

You can add Squid’s Grief to your to-read list on Goodreads:


Author Bio:

DK Mok is a fantasy and science fiction author whose novels include Hunt for Valamon and The Other Tree, published by Spence City. DK’s work has been shortlisted for an Aurealis Award and a Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award. DK graduated from UNSW with a degree in Psychology, pursuing her interests in both social justice and scientist humour. DK lives in Sydney, Australia, and her favourite fossil deposit is the Burgess Shale. Connect on Twitter @dk_mok or find more information at www.dkmok.com


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