The Only Girl in School

The Only Girl in School is by Natalie Standiford and will be released January 26.  Click here to add it to your Goodreads.

Summary (from Goodreads):

From the acclaimed author of The Secret Tree comes the story of a girl who finds herself a sudden outsider in the loneliest place in the world–middle school.

When Claire’s best friend moves away just before the start of fifth grade, Claire suddenly becomes the only girl in the entire elementary school. While the boys are resentful that she gets a bathroom all to herself, Claire soon sees the lonelier side of things–until a few incidents put her quite literally in the spotlight.”

Why I’m excited:

This book had me at “by Natalie Standiford.”  She’s been a must-buy author for me since I read How to Say Goodbye in Robot and I have loved every book of hers since.

I’m starting to really appreciate middlegrade more and this sounds absolutely amazing.  (It also sounds like a great birthday present for my goddaughter, and I very much enjoy giving her wonderful books to read.)


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