10% Happier

Finished 10% Happier by Dan Harris.

Summary (from Goodreads):

After having a nationally televised panic attack on Good Morning America, Dan Harris knew he had to make some changes. After learning about research that suggests meditation can do everything from lower your blood pressure to essentially rewire your brain, Harris took a deep dive into the underreported world of CEOs, scientists, and even marines who are now using it for increased calm, focus, and happiness. “10% Happier” takes readers on a ride from the outer reaches of neuroscience to the inner sanctum of network news to the bizarre fringes of America’s spiritual scene, and leaves them with a takeaway that could actually change their lives.”

I didn’t know when I bought this that it’s basically about how meditation can be incredibly helpful.  (This turns out to be a good thing, because I’m not sure that I would’ve bought it if I had known.)

I tend to lump meditation in with things like acupuncture…it may work for you, but I’m probably not trying it.  (Except now I kind of want to; there are apparently studies that prove that meditating regularly can lower your stress, which makes sense, but also lower your risk of heart disease and even cancer.)

Dan Harris spends a lot of the book talking about himself and you will either love that or hate it.  (It worked really well for me; when I read nonfiction, I want it to seem like a novel, because I want people I can root for. Please don’t give me things like statistics and studies; I need people.)

Best of all, 10% Happier actually provides different ways to meditate.  (Yes, there’s more than one way.  And probably at least one of those ways would work for me.)

So yes, possibly I will try it.  (Another reason is the fact that when a coworker kind of teases him about meditating, he says, “It makes me 10% happier.*”  And that seems really attainable, right?  And it sounds interesting that a simple thing—relatively speaking—could make you 10% happier.)

* = Hence the title!



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