The New Girl

Finished The New Girl by RL Stine.

Summary (from Goodreads):

The new girl is as pale as a ghost, blond, and eerily beautiful — and she seems to need him as much as he wants her. Cory Brooks hungers for Anna Corwin’s kisses, drowns in her light blue eyes. He can’t get her out of his mind. He has been loosing sleep, ditching his friends…and everyone has noticed.

Then as suddenly as she came to Shadyside High, Anna disappears. To find a cure for his obsession, Cory must go to Anna’s house on Fear Street — no matter what the consequences.

Anna may be the love of his life … but finding out her secret might mean his death.”

I was a huge fan of the Fear Street books as a kid, but I’m pretty sure I missed this one.

This is actually the first ever Fear Street novel, and we spend most of the book thinking that it’s a ghost story.  (Spoiler: it is not.)

I really wanted to love this book but honestly, it was a struggle to even like it.  Yes, it’s the first Fear Street novel, but honestly, his books got so much better and so much spookier.  (That would not be hard to do.)

There is no logical reason why Cory likes Anna so much, and the quirks in this story make no sense whatsoever.  (Why does Anna wear weird, old-fashioned clothes? What’s the deal with the weird old neighbor?)

For completists only.


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