Among the Dolls

Finished Among the Dolls by William Sleator.

Summary (from Goodreads):

A dark awakening . . .

When her parents give her a gloomy old dollhouse for her birthday instead of the ten speed bike she’s expecting, Vicky is disappointed. But she soon becomes fascinated by the small shadowy world and its inhabitants. The hours she spends playing with the dolls is a good way to escape from her parents’s arguments. As Vicky’s life becomes more troubled, she starts to take out her frustration on the dolls, making their lives as unhappy as hers.

Then one day, Vicky wakes up inside the dollhouse, trapped among the monsters she’s created. Bewildered, Vicky is sure she’s dreaming. Can she find her way out of this nightmare world?

I first read this book when I was in elementary school, and had forgotten all about it until a blogging friend of mine posted about it on Facebook.

You can imagine my delight when I saw it was on Kindle.

I remember it being weird and creepy but had forgotten a lot of the details.

One of the things I had forgotten is the fact that this is one of the creepiest books ever.  EVER.

Don’t believe me?  Picture this: dolls are real and know how you treat them.  And they could have the power to make you into one of them ANY TIME THEY WANT TO.

Terrifying, right?

Don’t let the fact that this is so short deceive you: this book packs a lot of chills into its fewer-than-100-pages length.



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