Gallows Hill

Finished Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan.

Summary (from Goodreads):

“Role-playing takes on a terrifying cast when 17-year-old Sarah, who is posing as a fortune-teller for a school fair, begins to see actual visions that can predict the future. Frightened, the other students brand her a witch, setting off a chain of events that mirror the centuries-old Salem witch trials in more ways than one.

This is one of the Lois Duncan books that I somehow missed and believe me, I am kicking myself for this.

This is one of her most fun books and I was also completely tense the whole time reading it.  (It doesn’t help that the creepy town that Sarah and her mom moved to is basically one of those places where you know everyone knows something that you don’t, and where any sort of mistake could have dire consequences.)

While reading it, I was expecting Sarah to be ostracized (the town and school are full of small-minded people) but I didn’t think the danger would be any more than some pretty pointed snubbing.  (Yeah, shame on me; I should’ve known better.)

Instead, the mob mentality started to take effect and things got incredibly suspenseful and scary.

I think this is now in my top five of her books.  (Locked in Time, Down a Dark Hall, Summer of Fear, Stranger With My Face and now this one.  Daughters of Eve is a close sixth.)  I love Lois Duncan’s books so, so much.



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