They Never Came Home

Finished They Never Came Home by Lois Duncan.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Joan’s boyfriend and her brother are missing and assumed dead. Until the voice on the other end of the phone hints at something more terrible.

This is one of Lois Duncan’s novels that I hadn’t read before.  Most of her books have some sort of supernatural occurrence (whether it be a main aspect of the book, like in Locked in Time, or a brief moment of ESP, like in Killing Mr. Griffin or I Know What You Did Last Summer) but this one didn’t.  It also wasn’t particularly creepy, as her books tend to be.  (Although yes, I know she wrote Hotel For Dogs and that she writes a lot of non-scary books, too.)

I really like the premise of this book.  What would happen if someone you love went off on a weekend camping trip and never came home?  How long would it take you to start to believe they were dead, even if no bodies were ever found?  How long can you keep hoping?

And what happens if you’re Joan and one of the missing boys is your boyfriend and the other is your brother? How do you go on when two of the most important guys in your life are gone? (And when the third, your father, has a bad heart so you could, in theory, lose him, too?)

So yes, this is different than her other books.  This also seems a little more plausible (at least at first).

This isn’t one of her best, but it’s definitely interesting and fun.  And there are some plot twists I didn’t see coming.


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