Don’t Look Behind You

Finished Don’t Look Behind You by Lois Duncan.

Summary (from Goodreads):

How can April give up her name, her friends, her boyfriend Steve, and everything she’s ever known?April Corrigan feels like her life is over when she learns that her father has been working undercover for the FBI and the family must relocate under the Federal Witness Security Program.

No one can reach them now… or can they?”

April has the perfect life.  She’s got a great boyfriend, wonderful friends and she’s an excellent tennis player.  The only downside is that her dad’s been gone for the past couple of weeks, testifying at a big trial.  And then she learns that her dad’s actually been working for the FBI, trying to bring down a big drug ring. Now she and her family (parents and younger brother) are on the run, in the Witness Protection Program.

April is a bit infuriating (she doesn’t quite get that their lives are in danger, so she makes dumb choices) but she’s hard not to root for.  The action moves quickly and, while it’s not one of her best books, it’s still very fun.  And good luck trying to stop reading.


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