Killing Mr. Griffin

Finished Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan.

Summary (from Goodreads):

They only planned to scare their English teacher.

They never actually intended to kill Mr. Griffin.

But sometimes even the best-laid plans go wrong.”

Somehow I missed this book when I was a kid.  I’ve read most of her suspense novels at this point, but had managed to completely miss this one (and the movie based on it).

I think most of us had that teacher, right? The one who seemed incredibly unfair and who almost never gave As and who was just really mean to every student?

Well, for Sue and her classmates, it was Mr. Griffin.  And yes, they devised a plan to make him sorry for the way he treated them and his incredibly high standards…but they really only wanted to make him an easier teacher.  They didn’t want him DEAD.

Reading this as an adult, I have to say…I didn’t think Mr. Griffin was horrible.  (Some of the complaints included the fact that he took off for spelling and grammar mistakes.  I actually find that to be reasonable.)

This is an incredibly fun novel, and it’s especially interesting read right after I Know What You Did Last Summer.  Both feature teens trying to hide an accidental death, but in IKWYDLS, the kids are good kids who made one really big mistake.  In this one, though, one of the kids is actually horrible.  It makes for a really fun compare/contrast.  (Most of the kids in Killing Mr. Griffin are decent people who make stupid choices.)



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