The End Or Something Like That

Finished The End Or Something Like That by Ann Dee Ellis.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Can a friendship last forever?

Emmy would like to think so. But even though she and her late best friend, Kim, planned every detail in advance, from when and where to meet to what snacks to bring, Kim has yet to make an appearance from the afterlife. Which is making Emmy wonder if what happened right before Kim died changed everything.

Alternating between the past and the present and between the heartbreaking and the truly hilarious, Ann Dee Ellis’s latest novel is an achingly authentic take on friendship, family, and what it means to let go and truly live.”

As you know, I have this weird fondness for books that deal with grieving.  It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I was really excited for this book when I randomly found it in the bookstore. :)

This book is also a lot funnier than you’d expect, considering that it’s about grief.  It’s not exactly lighthearted, but it’s also not something that will make you cry the whole way through. (I did cry a little, but I laughed a lot more.)

I loved Emmy, who is just starting to surface, a little, after her best friend Kim’s death.  Even so, the two agreed that Kim would be able to stay in contact with Emmy (thanks to, among other things, the world’s least scrupulous man, someone who promised that this was completely possible) and that it was most likely to happen during the first year, especially on birthdays and anniversaries.  So far, birthdays didn’t happen and it’s almost the first anniversary of Kim’s death.

(It doesn’t help that Emmy doesn’t really discuss this with other people—obviously, really; would you mention that you were trying to talk to your dead best friend?)

This will break your heart a little, but it’ll also fix it.



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