Exquisite Corpse

Finished Exquisite Corpse by Penelope Bagieu.  I received a copy for review at BEA.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Zoe isn’t exactly the intellectual type, which is why she doesn’t recognize world-famous author Thomas Rocher when she stumbles into his apartment…and into his life. It’s also why she doesn’t know that Rocher is supposed to be dead. Turns out, Rocher faked his death years ago to escape his critics, and has been making a killing releasing his new work as “lost manuscripts,” in cahoots with his editor/ex-wife Agathe. Neither of them would have invited a crass party girl like Zoe into their literary conspiracy of two, but now that she’s there anyway. . . . Zoe doesn’t know Balzac from Batman, but she’s going to have to wise up fast… because she’s sitting on the literary scandal of the century!

This is the latest in my quest for a graphic novel I would enjoy. (This is probably technically considered a graphic novella; it’s only 124 pages.)  This one is incredibly fun (even though I wish it had been longer*).

I liked Zoe.  Even though I’m not sure how she didn’t know who Thomas Rocher is (based on the description, he’s probably not unlike, say, Joan Didion but with novels), I absolutely get the feeling of being trapped in your life and unsure how to extricate yourself.

This was a really interesting story, as well (and the ending was absolutely perfect).  I need to find more from Penelope Bagieu.

* = I know I always say that.  It’s still true.


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