A Million Miles Away

Finished A Million Miles Away by Lara Avery.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

When high school senior Kelsey’s identical twin sister, Michelle, dies in a car crash, Kelsey is left without her other half. The only person who doesn’t know about the tragedy is Michelle’s boyfriend, Peter, recently deployed to Afghanistan. But when Kelsey finally connects with Peter online, she can’t bear to tell him the truth. Active duty has taken its toll, and Peter, thinking that Kelsey is Michelle, says that seeing her is the one thing keeping him alive. Caught up in the moment, Kelsey has no choice: She lets Peter believe that she is her sister.

As Kelsey keeps up the act, she crosses the line from pretend to real. Soon, Kelsey can’t deny that she’s falling, hard, for the one boy she shouldn’t want.”

The jacket copy says this is for fans of Nicholas Sparks, but I’m not sure that’s true.  (For one thing, the novel’s only death comes at the beginning of the novel).

And okay, yes, Kelsey does a horrible thing pretending to be her dead twin sister, Michelle.  But she does it for the right reasons.  The big part is the fact that she worries about Peter losing what he says is keeping him going.  But I’m pretty sure the reason really is the fact that it gives her a connection to Michelle, the last connection.  It’s still a lousy thing to do, of course—but it’s not something people couldn’t understand.

And the relationship between Kelsey and Peter is really swoon-worthy.  (It’s almost as nice as watching Kelsey become a better version of herself.)

This is a sweet, fun novel but one with a lot of emotions attached to it.



2 thoughts on “A Million Miles Away

  1. I’ve never read Nicholas Sparks *runs in corner and cowers because I know you are going to yell at me* so I can’t compare. I wasn’t a fan of this book, as you know. I mean, I understand what she was doing, and the why. But I just felt like it was all wrapped up way too nicely considering what she did. Plus, I read The Secrets We Keep earlier this year (did you read that one) and it had a similar theme, but I think it was done a bit better. I just felt like what she did was so so wrong. And there were too many unrealistic things that happened for me (Paris) to really believe the realness of this book. Glad you enjoyed it.

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