It’s been an interesting few days for me.

First, obviously, there’s been so much joy at the fact that gay marriage is legal nationwide now.  There’s a lot of feelings that goes along with that—especially the fact that so many of my friends (who tend to be straight) were celebrating with me.

And then there was the realization that some people—who I actually would have considered real friends and not just “Facebook friends” or acquaintances—really didn’t.  And it’s funny how hurt by that I was.  (Because I actually really was hurt; it’s painful to realize “I think this person is a friend; this person thinks that I am someone who doesn’t deserve equal rights.”)

So there was a lot of crying Friday (the good kind, because yay! marriage for everyone!) and then a lot of crying yesterday (the good kind, because SO MANY RAINBOWS on Facebook and then the bad kind, because hey, that friend I thought I had? NOT SO MUCH) and so far I haven’t cried today, but we’ll see. :)

I don’t know how to explain any of it so people can understand.  I mean, picture people saying that they thought Christians shouldn’t get married or that divorced people shouldn’t ever be able to remarry or, I don’t know, any one of a dozen other prejudiced, stupid things.

So I don’t know.  But I do think that, while I pride myself on being able to get along with anyone, pretty much, I think my baseline for friendship is “Considers me to be an equal citizen, as opposed to a weird, less-than person.”  That’s not asking too much, right?

But anyway, most of the tears yesterday came because I saw so many of my friends’ profile pictures were rainbow versions of themselves.  And so many more of them did it after I said that it would mean a lot to me, personally, if they would do it. (I don’t know if you notice but most of the Christian voices heard over the weekend were, shall we say, less than inclusive?  And that gives Christians a horrible name, in my opinion.  Jesus loved everyone and died for everyone, which is something a lot of those Christians seem to forget.)  And I feel so humbled by that, I can’t even tell you.  So while I may have lost some people I thought were friends, I learned that (a) most of my friends are exactly who I thought they were and (b) I have a lot more friends that I didn’t even realize I had.

So yeah, big weekend.  And while some people are angry and some people are scared, most everyone I know is really, really happy.  Which illustrates perfectly the fact that love will defeat anger and hate and fear every time.


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