Wake in Darkness Cover Reveal

I’m happy to share the cover of Wake in Darkness by Suzanne Rigdon!  This is the second book in her Selina Baker series.


I LOVE THIS COVER.  It was designed by Lisa Amowitz.

Jacket copy:

“In the chaos after her enemy’s murder, fledgling vampire Selina Baker and her maker, James, flee to Washington D.C. to be under the protection of the Queen’s sister, Aurora. With the throne open for the first time in over a century, local vampires launch a campaign to win the valued seat—using some very unsavory powers to get what they want. Selina is caught between terrible alternatives, unsure who to trust as the safety of her past is torn away. She must struggle to survive the battle lines drawn between the vampire factions, while figuring out her growing confusion over her feelings for James.”

Wake in Darkness will be out in November.

In case you haven’t read the first book, Into the Night, it’s currently on sale for 99 cents!



(Look how nicely the covers match!)


Suzanne Rigdon has previously had her short fiction published in The Albion Review and Word of Mouth literary magazine. Her debut novel, Into the Night, was published in December 2014 with Spence City Books, and is available for purchase through most online retailers. Wake in Darkness is her second novel. Suzanne makes her home in the DC metro area, but has a special fondness for her summers spent on the Maine coastline.

You can follow Suzanne on Twitter: @SuzyRigdon, or on her blog: suzannerigdon.wordpress.com




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