The Crossover

Finished The Crossover by Kwame Alexander.

Summary (from Goodreads):


“With a bolt of lightning on my kicks . . .The court is SIZZLING. My sweat is DRIZZLING. Stop all that quivering. Cuz tonight I’m delivering,” announces dread-locked, 12-year old Josh Bell. He and his twin brother Jordan are awesome on the court. But Josh has more than basketball in his blood, he’s got mad beats, too, that tell his family’s story in verse, in this fast and furious middle grade novel of family and brotherhood.

Josh and Jordan must come to grips with growing up on and off the court to realize breaking the rules comes at a terrible price, as their story’s heart-stopping climax proves a game-changer for the entire family.”

I was excited to read this because it won the Newbery Medal this year.  Also, even though I hate all things sports, I do tend to love a good sports story.

That’s just what I got with this book.  It’s a verse novel and centers around Josh Bell, who is an excellent basketball player.  His father was also huge into basketball—to the point where he could’ve played for the NBA, except that he had a career-ending injury.

But even if you aren’t a fan of basketball or sports stories, there’s a lot to love about this novel.  There’s the fact that Josh has to learn to deal with the fact that his best friend and twin brother now has a girlfriend—which means that, for the first time in their lives, he’s not his brother’s most important person.  (And what does that mean when that person is still YOUR most important person?)

Also, there’s the fact that their father is having health problems but he refuses to take them seriously.  Josh’s dad has always been larger than life, so now he has to figure out how to make sense of a world where everything is now upside down.

Highly recommended.


One thought on “The Crossover

  1. I always dread fiction about sports (even though I like sports ok, and love college football), but I’m always surprised how enjoyable they can be when I read them. I loved The Art of Fielding. I love to read the Newbery medal winners, but I admit I sighed a bit when I realized this year’s was a sports story. You’ve inspired me to keep an open mind and give it a try!

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