Double Dog Dare

Finished Double Dog Dare by Lisa Graff.

Summary (from Goodreads):

What would you do to win a dare war?

In a humorous and insightful novel about dares, divorce and friendship, Lisa Graff tells the story of fourth-graders Kansas Bloom and Francine Halata, who start out as archenemies, until–in a battle of wits and willpower–they discover that they have a lot more in common than either would have guessed.

This dual-perspective novel will appeal to girls and boys alike–and to anyone who has ever wanted anything so badly that they’d lick a lizard to get it.”

This book was absolutely adorable.   It didn’t have the emotional heft of Absolutely Always, but it was incredibly fun (and deeper, too, than I initially thought it would be).

It’s told from Kansas and Francine’s alternating perspectives and both have their own reasons to want to win the contest, and both also are dealing with their parents’ divorces (although neither are really discussing it).

I love how Lisa Graff makes these absolutely believable characters.  This story transcends a sweet, kind of goofy plot to become a really good story about learning to remake your life even when it doesn’t go the way you want it to.

Also, I love Francine.

Highly recommended.


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