Another Day as Emily

Finished Another Day as Emily by Eileen Spinelli.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Eleven-year-old Suzy just can’t win. Her brother is a local hero for calling 911 after seeing their elderly neighbor collapse, and only her best friend was able to win a role in the play they both auditioned for. Feeling cast aside from all angles, Suzy sees a kindred spirit in Emily Dickinson, the subject of her summer project. Suzy decides to escape from her disappointments by emulating the poet’s life of solitude: no visitors or phone calls (only letters delivered through her window), no friends (except her goldfish, Ottilie), and no outings (except church, but only if she can wear her long white Emily dress).

But being a recluse is harder than Suzy predicted. Will she find a way to fold Emily into her life while also remaining true to herself?”

I’ve been hoping to read more middlegrade this year, and I am off to a fantastic start.  Another Day as Emily is a novel in verse.

Suzy is kind of miserable and decides a reinvention is just what she needs…except it’s almost more like reincarnation.  She decides to become just like Emily Dickinson.  (This goes about as well as you’re imagining.)

I absolutely loved Suzy, and completely understood her frustration.  And if you’re going to try and find a person to emulate, you could definitely do worse.

I definitely want to read more Eileen Spinelli books.  I think it would have been easy to kind of make fun of Suzy a little bit, but she was portrayed very sympathetically.



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