The Importance of Being Ernest

Finished The Importance of Being Ernest by Ernest Cline.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Ernest (Ernie) Cline has been Ernest his whole life and in this first slim (48 pages) volume, he begins to explain to us what that has meant in these poems intended for performance. This companion book to his CD, The Geek Wants Out, contains many of the same poems, notably: The Geek Wants Out, Dance Monkeys Dance, and Nerd Porn Auteur among others. It also contains three bonus poems not found on the CD. Cline’s work is simultaneously clever, witty, intelligent and 100% Airwolf! Some strong language and subject matter in some poems.

As you probably know, I was a huge, HUGE fan of Ready Player One, and I have been waiting impatiently for his next book.  Armada was supposed to be released this year, but now there’s no mention of it anywhere…

And then I found this.

This isn’t a novel.  It’s not even a book of poetry, per se.  It’s something you can probably read in half an hour, and is a set of random poems that are also really, really good and incredibly funny.  It also turns out that you can read/listen to them for free here.  (But I’m still okay with the fact that I bought it because MAYBE WE CAN GET ANOTHER BOOK SOON.)

For whatever it’s worth, my favorite is probably Cinema Verite (I over-relate) and my second favorite is everything else.  (But probably especially When I Was A Kid.)

If you’re not a fan of Ernest Cline’s yet, absolutely read this and then go buy Ready Player One and read it.  Immediately.

Highly recommended.



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