Books To Watch For In 2015: An Interview With Daisy Whitney

1)  Which character are you most like?

McKenna in Trophy Husband! And Riley in Stars in Their Eyes. I talk to my dog, like Riley, and love clothes and shopping and Qbert like McKenna.

2)  Which fictional or famous person would you leave a love letter for?

Cassel Sharpe from Holly Black’s Curse Workers – he’s my favorite narrator ever!

3)  What was the inspiration for this story?

I’ll admit it – I love forbidden romance. 21 Kisses is a forbidden romance between an 18 year-old and an older guy, and I have always wanted to write that kind of story.

4)  What are you reading now?

Bella Andre, CD Reiss and my copy edits for Nights With Him

5)  What are your top five books? (You can do authors if that’s easier)

Harry Potter. Gone with The Wind. A River Runs Through It. Time Traveler’s Wife. Anything by Stephanie Perkins.

6)  If you could make one book mandatory, what would it be?

Miss Manners.

7)  What books are you looking forward to in 2015?

All the Rage by Courtney Summers!


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