Tiger Lily

Finished Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Before Peter Pan belonged to Wendy, he belonged to the girl with the crow feather in her hair. . . .

Fifteen-year-old Tiger Lily doesn’t believe in love stories or happy endings. Then she meets the alluring teenage Peter Pan in the forbidden woods of Neverland and immediately falls under his spell.

Peter is unlike anyone she’s ever known. Impetuous and brave, he both scares and enthralls her. As the leader of the Lost Boys, the most fearsome of Neverland’s inhabitants, Peter is an unthinkable match for Tiger Lily. Soon, she is risking everything—her family, her future—to be with him. When she is faced with marriage to a terrible man in her own tribe, she must choose between the life she’s always known and running away to an uncertain future with Peter.

With enemies threatening to tear them apart, the lovers seem doomed. But it’s the arrival of Wendy Darling, an English girl who’s everything Tiger Lily is not, that leads Tiger Lily to discover that the most dangerous enemies can live inside even the most loyal and loving heart.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Peaches comes a magical and bewitching story of the romance between a fearless heroine and the boy who wouldn’t grow up.”

Before I started reading this, several people warned me that this book would break my heart, especially the ending.  That didn’t happen.

I think this is how I now know that I’m a grownup.  (There are spoilers below, although even the prologue and first paragraph of chapter one will tell the reader that this is not a story that ends happily.)

I loved Tiger Lily but was not a huge fan of Peter Pan for most of the book (his letter at the end made me like him the most).  But ultimately what I loved about the book is the ending.

Have you seen Up in the Air? You know the part where Vera Farmiga’s character is talking about how when you’re young, you have all these requirements for who you want to marry and then as you grow up, they start to melt away and then ultimately you just want someone who’s kind? That’s what I thought about the ending.  (Tiger Lily ends up with Pine Sap, who is probably not as big a love as Peter is but who is kind and reliable and just a good person.  And honestly, I think that’s a happy ending.)

Also, HOLY CRAP the writing is gorgeous.   I haven’t read any of Jodi Lynn Anderson’s other books but I am definitely seeking them out.



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