Reading Slump, WHY?

My attention span has been less than stellar for a couple years now, but this is basically the least convenient time ever to get into a reading slump.

I have so many books that I want to read (and that I really SHOULD read, given that they came for review) and yet.

I used to be able to read about 100 pages at a time before I’d want to take a small break (to check email, say, or whatever). Now it’s more like a chapter or two.  It is not great.

(You can kind of gauge for yourself when I’m in a slump based on non-book reviews popping up on the blog.)

After the book I’m reading now, I hope to read a few novels-in-verse.  I tend to be able to read those really fast and I also tend to absolutely love them.

What sort of things do you do to overcome reading slumps?


5 thoughts on “Reading Slump, WHY?

  1. I force myself to read – which sounds terrible. I do think social media has reduced my attention span down to almost nothing. I can’t even sit through a commercial without checking my phone. So if I know I want to get some serious reading done, I leave my phone in another room and promise myself I’m going to read at least 50 pages. Sometimes I get into the book and read more. And typically nothing earth-shattering has happened on Twitter during my absence. ;)

  2. I’ve been in a reading slump all year. :( I have read one book this year from start to finish. ONE. Who am I?? I’ve reread many books, but only one new book. *sigh*

  3. Seriously, I burned out last year. I read 168 books, which just killed my desire to read. Now, I’m mixing literary fiction with non-fiction or commentary, and that keeps me reading slowly and steadily. With YA books, I felt like I had to whip through them in a day or so, just to get the reviews done for the review sites. Now, I’m not as worried about it. If I get a review copy? Cool. If not? There are plenty of great novels on Amazon for a buck or two (and you should read “Lysistrata,” which is free on Amazon. It’s hysterical, short, and an almost NSFW Greek play. (it might jump-start you))

  4. I have horrid ADD, which means I get bored easily. I am also gifted with the ability to keep a lot going on at once. My solution is always to do something else. Bored with the latest knitting project? Put it down and make a necklace? Bored with this book? Pick up another on my list. This is why, at any give time, I have at least 3 active books; one to challenge, one to absorb, one to make me laugh. Often more. I read the thing I am in the mood for, and then when I am no longer in the mood, I go do something else.
    The other thing that helps me is a change of scenery. If I find myself distracted, then I need to go find somewhere else to read. Take a bath with a book. Go find a coffee shop with a comfortable chair and take your book. Walk up the road to the park, and find a place under a tree. Usually my boredom doesn’t come from what I am reading, it comes from where I am reading, and under what circumstances.
    I am an odd duck though, and this may not help you at all.

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