Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


Now that we are post-BEA, there are about a billion books I want to read RIGHT NOW.  Unfortunately, since I’ve been in a weird thing lately where I have the attention span of a gnat, it’s taking me forever to read anything.  So God only knows how long it will take me to get to these amazing books.  Fortunately, I have a plane ride soon and I will have nothing to do but read.  Win-win!


I am very close to another vacation (don’t be jealous; after this, I have nothing until a few days in late December).  When I’m visiting my best friend, we are going to see 22 Jump Street and The Fault in Our Stars.  I am so excited to see both; I can’t even tell you.  I’m probably a touch more excited to see 22 Jump Street, but that’s because (a) I know TFIOS will be amazing and (b) I know it will make me cry.  22 Jump Street may be a letdown but at least right now, it’s potentially the best movie of my summer.  (I love the first one to a ridiculous, unhealthy degree.)


I have been watching episodes of The Mindy Project like nobody’s business (more on that to come in a few days).  I love this show, which is really smart and really funny and I can’t wait for the third season to start.

So what are you obsessed with this week?


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Obsessed With

  1. I am not going to lie, I get such a kick out of the Kevin Smith cameo’s in the Mindy Project. I think I am going to give it another season, but I am breaking up with New Girl.

    1. I’ve seen two so far and I also love them. :) The one on the plane was great, but the one at the party was also great. I hope there’s another one. I love the guest stars in general. She has great friends.

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