BEA (day one, officially)

So today was great. :)

I met Spencer Hill people (all of whom are fantastic) and I got to meet Ann M. Martin and I cried. I randomly ran into Elisa Ludwig and she was just lovely.

This year, I rented an apartment with my blogging friend Kathy, Emilie, Kim and Katherine. I spent most of my time with Kathy but everyone was awesome. Kim is in our online book club and I had met Emilie at last year’s BEA.

Everyone I’ve met has been wonderful.

After the conference, I spent time with family and had the best time. This day makes me so aware of just how lucky I am. :) Obviously I love BEA for its own sake but the fact that it’s in New York lets me see family and that’s the best.






2 thoughts on “BEA (day one, officially)

  1. If you come to Baltimore, I promise you’ll leave with a lot of good books. :) Maybe not these specific ones, but a lot of others. Ask Lindsey.

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