BEA: day one (travel and preconference)

So this was the day where we traveled to New York.

We had breakfast at our usual place. I love it. :)

It was cheaper for me to register for the Bloggercon but I didn’t arrive until time to get the gift bags. (First picture of books).

Then time to go to Harper Collins’ adult party! I saw Jenn of Jenn’s Bookshelves and met some great bloggers. The only author I met was Adriana Trigiani, who I promptly fangirled all over. But she was lovely and so sweet and I was so happy that a galley of her newest was in my overstuffed Harper gift bag (other two pictures of books).

Now to sleep because tomorrow is a big day. :)








2 thoughts on “BEA: day one (travel and preconference)

    1. Thanks! I always wish I could’ve spent more time talking to you (and to Erin, who I ran into).

      I am so excited for that! It looks spooky.

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