Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the first Things I’m Obsessed With in what seems like forever!  :)


I have so many books to read for review, and right now, I’m focusing on two books I need to read for my book clubs.  I’m currently re-reading The Book Thief for my local book club and then I need to read Endless Love for my online one.  I’ve also been beta reading for my author friend Darby.  She has her first adult novel, The Stag Lord, coming out in October.  This book is AMAZING.  I just finished reading it, and believe me, you desperately want to read this book.  I also recently read the second book in her Finn Finnegan series (Gideon’s Spear; out now and review to appear on the blog soon).  Darby is a fantastic author and, while Stag Lord is definitely for grownups only, Finn Finnegan (and her Griffin series!) are appropriate for pretty much everyone.  Highly, highly recommended.


We’re in award season! We’ve already seen the Golden Globes and Screen Actors’ Guild awards and still have BAFTAs, Independent Spirit and Oscars to go.  I have seen all the nominees except for Wolf of Wall Street (which I hope to remedy tomorrow) and so far, I want 12 Years a Slave to win everything.  I’ve heard excellent things about Wolf of Wall Street, though, and I’m very excited to see it.  Once I do, I’ll also have seen nine of the 10 AFI 10 best of 2013 (the tenth is Fruitvale Station, which I also hope to see soon).  Do you have any thoughts about the Oscars?


I’ve started watching Sons of Anarchy and I’m so in love with it! I’m about halfway through the third season, and I hope to be caught up in time to watch the seventh (and final) season live.  It’s so weird that I love this show; it’s definitely not my usual style.  (It’s about a gun-running motorcycle club that bends the law in other ways, as well.)  The first season, especially, is Shakespearean in scope.  (It’s basically described as “Hamlet on motorcycles.”)

What are you obsessed with this week?


7 thoughts on “Things I’m Obsessed With

    1. Love Downton Abbey. :) Sons of Anarchy is not like that show. AT ALL. It’s violent and graphic and frankly, I don’t think Griffin and Basil would approve. (But I bet Finn would watch it whenever he was left alone.)

  1. things i’m really into this week? well… not so much anymore. but john green books. and watching the veronica mars movie, divergent and TFIOS trailers. i really can’t get enough of them. and army wives. i don’t know why i’ve never watched it before. so entertaining.

    and a tv show described as hamlet on wheels… i might actually have to watch it. and i deff. want to read the book thief if i can ever get my hands on it.

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