Shades Of Earth

Finished Shades of Earth by Beth Revis.

Summary (from Goodreads):

“Amy and Elder have finally left the oppressive walls of the spaceship Godspeed behind. They’re ready to start life afresh–to build a home–on Centauri-Earth, the planet that Amy has traveled 25 trillion miles across the universe to experience.

But this new Earth isn’t the paradise Amy had been hoping for. There are giant pterodactyl-like birds, purple flowers with mind-numbing toxins, and mysterious, unexplained ruins that hold more secrets than their stone walls first let on. The biggest secret of all? Godspeed‘s former passengers aren’t alone on this planet. And if they’re going to stay, they’ll have to fight.

Amy and Elder must race to discover who–or what–else is out there if they are to have any hope of saving their struggling colony and building a future together. They will have to look inward to the very core of what makes them human on this, their most harrowing journey yet. Because if the colony collapses? Then everything they have sacrificed–friends, family, life on Earth–will have been for nothing.


This book was incredibly fun and a worthy ending to the trilogy.

I do think, however, that there was maybe one plot twist too many.  Even so, everything made sense in context and the book (and trilogy!) was just ridiculously entertaining and fun.

I love Amy and it’s so striking in this book just how much she’s evolved over the course of the series.  She was always a strong character but by this book, she’s so much more confident and sure of herself.  And of course the same thing is true of Elder.  He’s become such a good leader and so good at taking care of his people.

I hope that Beth Revis has a new series out soon.  (Has anyone heard anything about her next book?)

Highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “Shades Of Earth

  1. I knew nothing about this series, but it stood out to me on your list because it was about space travel, so that’s why I picked it. LOL I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I’ll have to add it to my TBR as well.

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