Look For Me In 2013!

So I have been on a reading kick lately and I have finished several amazing books this year…which means that they aren’t technically eligible for my Best of 2013 list, even though that’s when they’ll show up on this blog.

So please consider looking for these books in 2013.

1) A Name Like Thunder by Lee Goff. Holy crap, this book. I finished it a week ago and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. My review is up tomorrow morning, but suffice it to say that while it starts slow, it sure doesn’t end that way. And it has the creepiest villain (Kirkland) ever. Because you guys, it’s not even so much that he has no remorse…it’s that he really, REALLY likes killing people. It’s sort of his wheelhouse.

2) Catherine by April Lindner. This is a retelling of Wuthering Heights. It’s sweet and has a fantastic mystery. And it will likely make you want to read (or re-read) Wuthering Heights.

3) Return To Me by Justina Chen. Just as amazing as North of Beautiful. It’s just wonderful and is about a family in crisis.

4) Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans. I will go on record as saying that this will be THE YA Debut of the year. It would almost have been guaranteed a spot at the top of my 2013 best of list, except that I couldn’t wait anymore to read it. Out January 15.


2 thoughts on “Look For Me In 2013!

  1. Hooray! I just love your book reviews! I think my reading goal for 2013 is to read all your best ofs from 2012!

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