Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With first Things I’m Thankful For!


Next year is going to be so great for readers!  I think literally every author I love is releasing a book next year (except for John Green, who just released a book this year).  Many authors I love are on a “one book a year” schedule, which means that their releases are never THAT far away…even when it feels like I will die before their next book comes out.  But Sara Paretsky, Sue Grafton, Sarah Dessen and Marian Keyes—and a bunch more—come out with new books next year, in addition to all of the ones I’m already excited for (a sequel to The Shining!).


I just saw Skyfall and absolutely loved it.  It’s also probably the last purely fun movie I’ll see in theaters for a while (although it was also really, REALLY good) because now is when all the Oscar movies come out.  I’m hoping to see The Silver Linings Playbook soon but I also want to see Lincoln.


OMG, AHS.  The last few minutes of last week’s episode?  *eyes widen*  That is all.

So what are you thankful for (or obsessed with) this week?


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