YA For NJ (Or Supporting Your Reading Habit While Helping Others)

If you live in the eastern third of the country (or have a TV and/or access to the internet), you’ve heard of Superstorm Sandy and the devastation it left behind, especially in New Jersey.

If you’re like me, you probably would like to donate even now but think “Well, it’s so close to Christmas…”

Fortunately, Kieran Scott (author of the novel She’s So Dead to Us, which I LOVED, and its two sequels which I plan to read soon) has a solution.

She formed the group YA For NJ, and they’re doing eBay auctions November 30-December 7.  (Click here to read the press release.)  You can bid on signed books, of course, but also Skype visits and various swag.  You can also get your name in upcoming books!  Click here for the eBay site, although obviously that won’t do you much good until November 30 (although you can see a sample of what will be up for auction).  You can also like the group on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.

Please bid early and often.  (And should you be looking for a gift for me, I will gladly accept anything but especially the Matthew Quick option.  Don’t even care what it is.)

This is really important.  People were devastated by this storm, losing possessions and homes and in some cases pets and lives.  Please give what you can.  And in return, you can get awesome things!


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