Judging a Book by its Lover

Finished Judging a Book by its Lover by Lauren Leto.  I received a copy from the publisher at BEA.

This is basically a love letter for people who love books.  Chapters include how to be able to fake reading almost any author, ways to deflect conversations about books you haven’t read, how to describe people based on their favorite author and how children will turn out based on their favorite book (hint: you probably won’t want to know someone who grew up loving The Giving Tree).

This is definitely a fun stocking stuffer for any reader; pretty much everyone who loves books is guaranteed to laugh out loud at least five different times (although when those times are will probably vary from reader to reader).

I wish it were longer (although yes, I know that’s a common complaint of mine) but it’s only 269 pages in my edition, including the epilogue.

I also wish that Lauren Leto had shared more about her childhood, because I thought those parts were incredibly interesting.  Basically she was a hardcore reader in a home full of people who really didn’t read at all.  For a birthday, she received a copy of Harry Potter and basically flipped out because she was a Serious Reader, not an idiot.  And then later, with nothing else to read, she read that book and fell in love and then became the kind of person who goes to the midnight sale of future HP books dressed in full non-Muggle attire.

Yes, I’m pretty sure we’d get along like gangbusters. :)

This is a very fun book, especially for people who would plan days off and vacations around book release dates.  (What, is that not a thing?)  Recommended.


One thought on “Judging a Book by its Lover

  1. I planned sick leave around the last Harry Potter book. I say sick leave because I was hoping to get it done over the weekend. I told my boss though that if I didn’t finish it I would be calling in sick. She completely understood. :)

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