So Apparently I’m Weird.

Every so often, I think about the things that are popular that I just don’t get.

The best example of this, of course, is in music.  People adore Taylor Swift.  She’s basically the patron saint of…well, everyone.  She’s adorable and crazy popular and I have to tell you, if I had to name a more overrated person (in my opinion only, clearly), I couldn’t do it.  It’s not that I have anything against her personally.  She apparently does a lot of good and is very sweet (until and unless you date her) but I do not attend the Church of Taylor Swift.

I also don’t like reality TV except for The Amazing Race.  I don’t watch Top Chef or Survivor or Honey Boo Boo or any Real Housewives shows.  I just watch The Amazing Race, which is almost more about luck than skill or scheming.

AND my taste in sitcoms is also unusual.  I don’t like Modern Family, which is the Taylor Swift of sitcoms.

And it’s not that I’m trying to make a point.  I don’t consider things that are popular to be automatically suspect (I love Harry Potter, for example, and you can’t get much more popular than that).  I won’t watch something I don’t like because everyone does it, but I also won’t watch something period because it “appeals to the masses.”

Anything you hate that everyone else loves?



13 thoughts on “So Apparently I’m Weird.

  1. I don’t think you are weird, Kelly. I think you are unique. I like the fact that you like a TV show or music not because others said that it was good, but because you found it interesting or likeable. I don’t like ‘Modern Family’ too. I thought ‘Parenthood’ was better than that. I don’t like ‘Top Chef’ but I like another cooking show here called ‘Masterchef’. It is hugely popular in my place, more than ‘Top Chef’, because the people who are competing are amateurs and not professional chefs.

    By the way, did you read the new J.K.Rowling book ‘The Casual Vacancy’? What do you think about it?

  2. Eh, I don’t think you’re weird. (About this anyway! ;-P)
    I liked Taylor Swift at first, but then she got on my nerves. The perpetual “you like, you really like me!” schtick got old. And dissin’ all the exes was tiresome. But she is talented.
    Someone I find waaaay overrated? Justin Bieber. Limited talent & a dummy to boot. Ugh.

  3. At the Writing Center I’m considered weird because I like Stephen King. A lot of the other consultants think he’s a hatchet man who doesn’t know how to make a grammatical sentence. Heh. (Ironically, one of them DOES like the Twilight Series, which I think fits that description better.)

    It’s interesting, because I think part of the weirdness is who you are surrounded by, musically, if I liked Taylor Swift I’d be the weird one among my peers, because most of the people I rub shoulders with on a daily basis listen to jazz or classical or Korean Punk, no one can be bothered with popular American music.

    So, no, I don’t think you are weird, I think you own your own tastes, which is good.; Not everyone SHOULD like the same things because if everyone does, the world becomes homogenized into a boring tasteless blob.

    And I DO like Modern Family but I also think it’s overrated. It’s a cotton candy show, not something brilliant. I just happen to, at times, like cotton candy. :P

  4. I do not think you’re weird, however I’m on the Taylor Swift bandwagon…actually I really hated her in the beginning. I thought singing about teardrops on her guitar was the stupidest thing EVER! I love her now though. It’s like she grew on me.

    I also don’t like Reality TV. I think the closest I get to it is the Food Network and when I watch Ghost Adventures on the travel channel. I’m not even sure that the Food Network counts? Except for when I watch Restaurant Stakeout and I liked the Halloween Wars.

    Zack and I have an extreme dislike for Niki Minaj and the Kardashians…does that count? Also we’re not entirely sure why that show Revolution got picked up for a full season. It was soooo boring to us!

  5. Not weird. I don’t like a lot of what everyone else likes (see: Taylor Swift). For instance, 30 Rock doesn’t do it for me (don’t kill me!), but Modern Family cracks me up. My reality TV is basically Top Gear and watching Project Runway with my aunt — I’ve never seen a full episode of American Idol, the X Factor, the Voice, the Amazing Race, or Survivor. Definitely not weird. :)

  6. I don’t like ‘what’s his face Beiber’, but I do like Modern Family (even though I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen an episode this season). Taylor Swift is on my like list, while 30 Rock is not. Reality TV? I love Survivor, although I must admit that I haven’t seen the last two or three seasons. A fact that I am very sad about, but I spent the time that I would have watched the show alone and now I spend time in the same room as my boys. I have watched American Idol and I always have intentions of watching some of the shows on TLC…but there are some that I just won’t watch. I try to give all new shows at least a full episode, but there are times that 15 minutes is even too much.

    Why is TS on my like list? Because in a musical world of Niki Manaj’s, Justin Beiber’s and other ‘popular music’…Taylor Swift is a good comfortable ‘nice’ place for my young nieces to experience music.

    So, no, you aren’t weird. You are unique. Which is something that not enough of us embrace for our own selves.

  7. I know we will disagree on this, Kel, but I absolutely despise sushi. The only thing I despise worse than sushi is people who say, “You just haven’t tried the right kinds.” I have tried plenty, and I despise sushi. I’m not afraid of raw fish (which is sashimi anyway, isn’t it?). I just can’t stand sushi.. Take the fish. Batter it, and deep fry it, and I’m your guy. But wrapping it in that repulsive rice is just vile. To me. And I know I’m way in the minority among us genius types. But “Blech.”

    I like the T-Swift songs I’ve heard, and I like her as a person. At least she was nice when I met her, back before she became so hugely popular that she no longer had to do radio appearances.

    1. Sushi is the kind with rice and can be raw or cooked. Sashimi is always raw. I hated it at first but kept trying and eventually it clicked. Love it now. :). You’re lucky, really; it’s an expensive habit.

  8. I don’t think you’re weird. The only Taylor Swift song I like? The one she did with the Civil Wars. I also am very un-fond of reality TV. Like Cori, Top Gear is the closest I come. I’m with Lindsey on the Cotton Candy fluff that is Modern Family.
    I have plenty of things that are not main stream that I adore. I was the Sheldon Cooper that was telling everyone to watch Firefly on Fox before it was cancelled, and everyone rolled their eyes at me. They all came back a couple years later with “Have you seen Firefly? It’s on the Sci-fi network and soooo good.” I quenched quite a few murderous rages that year.
    I have this magnet on my wall that has a picture of a naked man walking nonchalantly away from the camera while a man fully decked out in a suit and tie give him the stink eye. It says “If everyone is thinking the same, someone isn’t thinking.” This is my philosophy of life.
    You’re not weird. You’re just thinking :)

  9. Oh, Kelly. How can you feel self-conscious about what’s popular? Good grief. Face it, in the great bell curve of society, the misses for what’s popular are going to be a lot more than the hits. In fact, if something is wildly popular, that almost serves as a strike against it.

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