Finished Drama by Raina Telgemeier.  I received a copy from the publisher.

Callie works backstage for her middle school’s drama department.  She can’t sing, so this is her way to help out during the production of Moon over Mississippi.  She’s the set designer and she has a billion great ideas (many of which are hard to carry out, seeing as how it IS a middle school production). 

This was my first time reading a graphic novel (unless you count the first few issues of Joss Whedon’s “season eight” of Buffy, which I don’t) and I have been skeptical about this genre for a long time.  But when I heard it pitched at Scholastic’s party over BEA, they got me right away.  In her intro, Raina Telgemeier said that she’s a huge fan of musicals in particular and plays in general and I am, too. 

Actually Callie’s room looked a lot like mine—my room could also double as an ode to all things Broadway (majoring in Andrew Lloyd Webber).

This is a cute, sweet book and it made me wish that I had gotten involved in drama (I didn’t, because I couldn’t act and it didn’t even occur to me to try and work backstage.  I am also not what you’d consider gifted in the realms of costume or set design).  But in this book, everything sounds so fun.  Even the drama is fun.

(And yes, there is drama.  As naturally there would be in a book centered around middle schoolers.)

I’m still not sold on graphic novels as a whole, but I would definitely read anything by Raina Telgemeier.



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