Rereading Stephen King

2013 is the year of the Great King Readathon. (I will be reading other books too, including review books, but the main project of the year is this.)

Here’s what I’m going to read:

11/22/63, The Bachman Books (Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork and The Running Man*), Bag of Bones, Blaze (another Bachman book), Blockade Billy, Carrie*, Cell, Christine*, The Colorado Kid, Cujo*, Cycle of the Werewolf*, Danse Macabre, The Dark Half*, The Dark Tower books (The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands, Wizard and Glass, Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, The Dark Tower and The Wind Through the Keyhole—yes, it doesn’t come last but it was released last), The Dead Zone*, Desperation, Different Seasons*, Doctor Sleep, Dolores Claiborne*, Dreamcatcher, Duma Key, Everything’s Eventual, The Eyes of the Dragon, A Face in the Crowd, Faithful, Firestarter, Four Past Midnight*, From a Buick 8, Full Dark, No Stars, Gerald’s Game, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The Green Mile*, Guns, Hearts in Atlantis*, In the Tall Grass, Insomnia, It*, Joyland, Just After Sunset, Lisey’s Story, Mile 81, Misery*, Needful Things, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Night Shift, On Writing, Pet Sematary*, The Regulators (another Bachman book), Rose Madder, Salem’s Lot, Secret Windows, The Shining*, Skeleton Crew, The Stand, Storm of the Century, The Talisman, Black House, Thinner*, Throttle, The Tommyknockers, Under the Dome, UR.

The order will vary, but I’m pretty sure I’ll read the Dark Tower series last.

There are 68 (double check my math, please!) stories, which means that I will need to read a little over five and a half books a month to complete it in a year. (Double check that math too, please.)

* = I plan to watch the movie, too.


16 thoughts on “Rereading Stephen King

  1. I didn't like the first book but liked the other six. The ending I have a real love/hate relationship with.
    It's like, several thousand pages and seven books to learn that the quest keeps getting repeated? REALLY?

  2. Hey — we’re back!!!

    I don’t think I could do this because a) I wouldn’t be able to read anything else, and b) I wouldn’t finish anyway.

    I promise to re-read, or even first-read a few though in camaraderie!!

    1. You should definitely at least read the ones you haven’t read. :) And maybe try It again? For me? ;)

      In January, I’m going for the ones I want to read the least, I think. Get them out of the way.

      1. Yes. January: Faithful (nonfiction about baseball), Dreamcatchers, Danse Macabre (nonfiction about horror), Storm of the Century, From a Buick 8 and Firestarter. If I throw in Tommyknockers, that’s all my least favorite of his work. Well, I don’t hate Firestarter, but I just wanted something in there that wasn’t “bad.”

        1. REALLY?!

          Yay! :) It is my favorite. Well, my favorite of his scary books. My favorite story collection is Different Seasons and my favorite non-scary is The Dead Zone. Oh, and 11/22/63.

  3. You are my idol, Kel. I will reread “It,” “11/22/63,” “Duma Key,” and “The Stand” with you. Well, you’ll read them in an afternoon, and it will take me a few days, but still.
    And as much as I admire your project, there’s no way I’d ever reread “Tommyknockers.”

    1. Actually, if “Tommyknockers” were on audio book, being read by James Earl Jones and Azura Skye (great young actress (Cassie Newton from “Buffy,” S.7) with a very unusual voice), I would consider revisiting it. And Jeremy Irons, and possibly Salma Hayek.

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