Interviewing Steph

Steph (or “Stephie,” as my mom would say) is yet another of my best friends and most favorite people.  (I’m sorry!  They all turned in the answers at the same time!)

Steph’s been blogging since 2007.  She also started on Vox.  “A few of my friends were doing it as well as my husband so I thought, why not?”

She now has a brand new page (which is the one I linked to).  Check it out!  It’s awesome!  And become a fan of hers on Facebook. 

“The best part of blogging is the people. I have had so much fun building a community of friends and learning about their lives. The very best part is getting to meet said bloggers in person (like you, Cori and Janie!)  The worst part of blogging for me is my stupid insecurity about what I write. I’m getting better at working through that because ultimately my blogs (both my personal and book blog) are for me so I just need to write what I want.”
Steph has no problem picking the books everyone should read.  “I have to pick 2 – one serious and one entertaining. My serious book is one I’ve been reading since I got it in November. It’s called `Kisses from Katie’ by Katie Davis. She’s written the story of how she visited Uganda on a volunteer trip during winter break of her senior year of  high school and 5 years later she’s lives there, has started a non-profit to send kids to school and has adopted 13 girls. Seriously…she is like 23! It’s really inspiring and every time I read a part of it, I come away with a great desire to love people.   My entertaining book (as in book to kick back with) would be `Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline. I just read it a few months ago (thanks to you!) and loved it! I immediately got my husband to read it and have recommended it to several friends. Exciting story, great 80’s references and a compelling main character. Go get it!”
I second that.  :) 
Her five favorite authors:  “Jerry Bridges (writes incredible Christian non-fiction – really good), Cassandra Clare (all of her books in The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices are great!), Justin Cronin (I only read “The Passage” but it was awesome and I want him to hurry up and write a sequel!), Harlan Coben (my go-to mystery/suspense author) and Dee Henderson (she’s one of the few Christian fiction authors I like – that’s a high compliment!).”
(Justin Cronin’s sequel to the Passage DOES come out this year and I have hopes it will be at BEA.  I will keep you posted, Steph!)
Besides the Passage sequel, Steph also wants to read “Insurgent” by Veronica Roth, “The City of Lost Souls” and “Clockwork Princess” by Cassandra Clare, and “Revived” by Cat Patrick.  (There are others.)
You may notice a theme on those to be read books in 2012.
“I like to read lots of different kinds of book but find myself gravitating to YA Paranormal. They’re just so fun and the ultimate escape from reality.”
Authors she’d most like to interview are Jane Austen (“I’d love to see what made her tick”) and Amanda Hocking (“She just seems like such a fun person”).
And yes, Steph loves movies.
“I’ve got a few favorite movies. One of them is definitely `You’ve Got Mail’ – so timeless and I can quote it all! Others include Cutting Edge, Quigley Down Under, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Man from Snowy River.  Actor – I really like Alan Rickman. He can play such a good villain! (He’s in Quigley Down Under and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves).  Actress – I really like Emma Stone. I recently saw Crazy, Stupid, Love and laughed my head off!”
Thanks, Steph! :)

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