Finished Triangles by Ellen Hopkins.  I received a copy of this from the publisher.

Triangles is about three middle-aged women: Holly, her friend, Andrea, and Andrea’s sister, Marissa.  Holly is in a not-too-happy marriage and a stay-at-home mom.  Andrea’s single and has a teenage daughter.  Marissa’s also not happily married and has two kids, the younger of whom is terminally ill. 

Like her other novels, this is told through poetry, not prose. I tend to avoid poetry novels (except for hers and, now, Lisa Schroeder’s) because it’s harder for me to lose myself in poems.  This is never true with Ellen Hopkins’ novels, though.  It’s hard (if not impossible) to not connect with her characters, who are so vivid.

I’ve only read this and her Crank trilogy, but I’m excited to read her others.  (And also a little apprehensive, because so far they’ve all made me cry.)


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