The Fox Inheritance

Finished The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson.  I received a copy of this from the publisher.  It’s the sequel to The Adoration of Jenna Fox.

This book is set 260 years after the accident that killed Jenna Fox and her friends Locke and Kara.  (So it’s set 259 years after the events in The Adoration of Jenna Fox.)  Even though Jenna thought she destroyed the things that housed her friends, it turns out copies were made.  Now, centuries later, they’ve been brought back to life.  Everything and everyone they knew is gone.  Except for Jenna Fox. 

I loved the first book in this series, and this one was just a disappointment.  I’m not sure why.  It’s an interesting book, and it picked up once they’re reunited with Jenna.  (No, I don’t consider that a spoiler—you have to know that they find her, right?) 

I just had a hard time really getting into the story and connecting with Locke.  Maybe if Jenna had narrated this one, too?  Or maybe if Kara had?

Still, it’s an interesting concept and if there really WILL be a third book, I’m sure I’ll read that, too.

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