The Weird Sisters

Finished The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.  I received a copy of this from the publisher.

Rose (or Rosalind), Bean (Bianca) and Cordy (Cordelia) are the now-adult children of a Shakespeare scholar and his wife.  One by one, they’ve returned home.  It’s mostly because their mom has cancer, but part of it is because of their own issues.  Rose is upset because her fiance has taken a job in England for a year, which could well require her to leave her beloved hometown.  Bean’s just gotten fired (long story there, and I won’t ruin it) and Cordy’s going to have a baby. 

I love these sisters.  They’re so alike and yet so different and, even though their problems are all of their own making, they’re so hard not to root for.  (Even though there are at least two different scenes where you’ll probably want to shake each sister in turn.) 

I completely adored this book.  You don’t need to love Shakespeare to appreciate this book.  What’s required more, I think, is a love of reading in general, because the entire family is so completely addicted to books in general, not just to Shakespeare. 

As someone who uses books as a reward, escape and comfort, these are my people.  I think they may be yours, too.

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