251 – Fall For Anything

Finished Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

Eddie’s dad committed suicide recently.  Since then, her mom’s completely lost it, her mom’s hideous best friend has essentially moved in and nobody seems to care about the fact that things aren’t exactly easy for her, either.  The worst part, really, is that she has no idea why her dad did it. 

I was both excited and terrified to read this book.  Courtney Summers’ novels tend to rip my heart out anyway, and a dead dad book?  Right around CHRISTMAS?  Well, recipe for disaster.  Fortunately, it’s Dec. 2 as I write this and, even though I’m crying, odds are I will have recovered by the time this post goes live. ;)

My dad died of cancer, not suicide, so I’m not sure what that particular experience is like.  I’m not sure it’s all that different, because some of the things that haunt Eddie haunt me.  (The part where she wonders if she was a good daughter gutted me.  And where she realizes that there are all these things about her dad that she won’t know because she didn’t ask and that, even if she finds out from her mom later, it won’t be the same.)

One of the most true things is when she’s at a party with some classmates and nobody asks her how she’s doing.  And on the one hand, she’s happy because she doesn’t want to talk about it but on the other, it’s like, how dare you not talk to me about this?  (On the anniversary of my dad’s death, I hate when people bring it up but I hate even more when they don’t.)

This–like her other novels–is an amazing book.  But be warned going in–odds are, you will cry.  But it’s so worth it.


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