255 – Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

Finished Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford.

Norrie, Jane and Sassy Sullivan are trust fund kids.  Their grandmother–known to everyone as Almighty–gathers the family (the girls, their parents and three brothers) and says that one of them has offended her so much that they’re all going to be cut out of her will.  She refuses to say who or why, but says that if the guilty party writes a confession, she’ll consider reinstating them.  Each of the sisters is convinced that she’s the one responsible and the book is made up of their confessions.

I first picked up a copy of her other book, How to Say Goodbye in Robot, because I’d heard a ton of good things about it.  I didn’t know anything about it, really, but if so many people tell me something’s wonderful and a must read, odds are excellent that I will check it out.  You can’t even imagine my delight when I realized that it was set in Baltimore.  (So is this one.) 

I loved this book almost as much as I did How to Say Goodbye in Robot (it’s not that this one was in any way less than exceptional, because that’s not the case–it’s more that HtSGiR is so amazing and perfect that it’s hard to measure up to), and no, it’s not because of the “Eyewitness News” reference.*  This book made me laugh out loud so many times.  It’s definitely going on my Best Of list at the end of the year. :) 

Absolutely read this and read How to Say Goodbye in Robot, too, if you haven’t already. 

* = I showed that to my coworker Bob and he was absolutely delighted.  DELIGHTED! :)

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