226 – The Daughters Break the Rules

Finished The Daughters Break the Rules by Joanna Philbin. I received this from the publisher at BEA.

This is the second (of three) books about Hudson, Carina and Lizzie.  This book focuses on Carina, who is the daughter of a billionaire.  Her father essentially cuts her off (he’s not a jerk; Carina totally deserves it) and so she has to adjust to living in Manhattan with a cell phone from the 90s, a MetroCard and $20 a week.  To fund a skiing trip with a crush, she tells a few white lies and gets a job as a party planner.  So except for the fact that she has no experience, super awesome!

I love this series.  I think I even prefer it to the first book.  I love books about friendship (and this one is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-esque, only without the altering viewpoints within the book) and I love transformation/redemption stories.  Put them together (as this one does) and I am a very hapy Kelly.

So take this trip with Carina and see how she goes from being privileged and spoiled to being a much better and nicer person.  You’ll see a lot of the plot twists coming, but the ride’s a fun one.

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