BBAW – Unexpected Treasure

This is another post for Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  Today’s assignment is to share a book/genre we tried because of another blogger.

I had heard a lot about The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris but I wasn’t going to read it because it sounds really weird.  I mean, a guy who can’t stop walking?  What is THAT?  But then I read Michelle’s review, and thought, holy crap, it’s like The Time Traveler’s Wife (a comparison she made)?  And I’m so glad I took a chance, because it turned out to be an amazing, sweet, heartbreaking book.  (So the moral of the story?  Well, there are two.  First, read anything compared to The Time Traveler’s Wife and second and most importantly, listen to Michelle.)

Michelle also has excellent taste in TV and is lucky enough to live near the Harry Potter theme park, which means that I’ll get to see her all the time when I move in there.  (And yes, I mean IN the theme park.  I’m going to live in Diagon Alley–not sure specifically where yet.)

9 thoughts on “BBAW – Unexpected Treasure

  1. I’m so glad that you ended up loving The Unnamed. I would feel bad if I’d made you read a book you hated.

    And I’ll stake you out an apartment in Diagon Alley when I visit this weekend. ;)

    1. I don’t think we’ve ever disagreed on a book. I kept reading Before I Fall because I knew you liked it, too.

      Thank you. :) I’m so jealous you live nearby. :)

  2. I was such a skeptic about The Time Traveler’s Wife, but I ended up being completely taken with it because it was just so darn well executed. I am going to take your (and Michelle’s) advice and add this book to my list. Thanks!

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