182 – Maybe This Time

Finished Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie. This was a review copy sent to me by the publisher.

Andie is engaged and her life's going really well.  Until she sees her ex-husband, who hires her to head to the middle of nowhere and take care of two children in a house that may or may not be haunted.  The kids are orphans and they've scared off three nannies already.  (Carter has a tendency to set fires and Alice is a screamer.)

This is a book that shouldn't work but does.  It's part The Philadelphia Story (in terms of Andie's relationship with past husband and future husband) and part Rebecca (creepy house, creepier housekeeper) and part Mary Poppins (hello, children! I will solve your problems!), and that sounds incredibly schizophrenic, right?  And a little ambitious for one book that's less than 350 pages?  But it works, and it all flows together quite well.

I gave it three and a half stars, because parts seemed kind of rushed.  And also because ghosts should be really scary.  (So on the plus side, if you want to read this but are concerned about being freaked out, you should be okay.)

Maybe This Time
Jennifer Crusie


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