Finished Angels Flight by Michael Connelly.  I read it for the Genre Challenge as my "detective fiction" option.  This is one of the Harry Bosch novels that I've missed.

This one centers on a double murder–a woman who seems to be an accidental victim, basically for being in the wrong place, and a prominent lawyer who has made a name for himself suing the LAPD.  The police think the murder is connected to the "black warrior" case, which involves a man who was tortured by police for allegedly killing a 12-year-old girl.  (It's called the "black warrior" case because that's the kind of pencil that was jabbed in the man's ear, causing him to lose some of his hearing.)

Harry Bosch is in charge of the case and, as always, proceeds to annoy one of his superiors by refusing to follow the party line. 

Another solid offering by Michael Connelly. :)  If you like mysteries and don't read him, you should start.

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4 thoughts on “144

  1. I would suggest starting with The Poet (that was the first one of his I read and I grabbed it because Stephen King recommended it) or Blood Work.
    I've been reading the Bosch ones in a weird order. Each one is more or less standalone, although this one referenced two of the books I haven't read yet (very briefly).

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