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A Whisper in Time Release Day Blitz

Book Blurb:
“I have never been useless in my life…”

Rescued from a life of servitude by the boy she loves, Susanna Marsh escapes across two centuries, only to be plunged into a world she’s ill-prepared to face. Unable to work or go to school, Susanna finds herself dependent on others to survive.

Immersed in the fun and demands of his senior year of high school, Mark Lewis longs to share his world with the girl who’s captured his heart. But first he must tackle government bureaucracy to prove Susanna’s identity.

Overwhelmed by her new home, Susanna seeks refuge in history and in news of the people she left behind. But when she learns that danger stalks her sister, Susanna must weigh whether to risk her own future in order to save Phoebe’s happiness.

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Book Information:
Paperback: 360 pages
Expected publication: April 8th 2014 by Spencer Hill Press
ISBN: 1937053814

Author Bio:
Elizabeth Langston lives in North Carolina, halfway between the beaches and the mountains. She has two teen-ish daughters and one husband (a geek like her). When she’s not writing software or stories, Elizabeth loves to travel with her family, watch dance reality TV shows, and dream about which restaurant ought to get their business that night.

Elizabeth’s debut novel WHISPER FALLS released in November 2013. Its sequels, A WHISPER IN TIME and WHISPERS FROM THE PAST, release in 2014. Learn more about her at

Author Links:
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Sleeping Jenny Cover Reveal



As the daughter of multimillionaires, Jennifer has everything she’s ever needed, except time. Diagnosed with a form of incurable cancer, she has only months to live, and her dreams of working for National Geographic to save African elephants and polar bears are shattered. Her only hope is an experimental cryogenic freezing program, which will keep her in stasis until doctors can find a cure. The cure comes three hundred years too late, and she wakes to a futuristic world where animals are all but forgotten.

Descendants of her brother adopt her, and she’s thrown back into high school. Exara, the class beauty, calls Jenny the Neanderthal girl, and she becomes more of a sideshow than a member of the senior class. Only Exara’s gorgeous boyfriend, Maxim sympathizes with her. Her developing feelings for Maxim are only the beginning of her problems. There aren’t any more animals to save, so Jenny involves herself with a rebel group called the Timesurfers, explorers searching the galaxy for another planet to inhabit to clone long-dead animal species. Soon, she must choose between her blossoming feelings for Maxim and her lifelong dream.

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Aubrie grew up watching the original Star Wars movies over and over again until she could recite and reenact every single scene in her backyard. She also loved The Goonies, Star Trek the Next Generation-favorite character was Data by far-, and Indiana Jones. But, her all time favorite movie was The Last Unicorn. She still wonders why the unicorn decided to change back to a unicorn in the end.

Aubrie wrote in her junior high yearbook that she wanted to be “A concert flutist” when she grew up. When she made that happen, she decided one career was not enough and embarked as a fantasy, sci fi author. Two careers seems to keep her busy. For now.

Double Cover Reveal! (Swimming to Tokyo and Lifestyles of the Rich & (In)Famous


SWIMMING TO TOKYO by Brenda St. John Brown  (out July 28)
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About the Book:

The rules for swimming are simple:

Rule #1: There is no lifeguard on duty.

Since her mom died three years ago, nineteen-year-old Zosia Easton’s been treading water. Living at home. Community college. Same old Saturday nights. So when her father breaks the news he’s taken a job transfer—and by the way, it means renting out the house that’s been her refuge—a summer in Tokyo feels like it just might be a chance to start swimming again.

Rule #2: Beware of unexpected currents.

Finn O’Leary has spent God knows how many years trying to drown out his past. Juvenile detention. Bad decisions. Worse choices. He’s managed to turn it around – MIT, Dean’s List, a sexier-than-thou body with a smile to match – at least on the surface. When his mom asks him to spend the summer with her, Tokyo seems as good a place as any to float through the summer.

Rule #3: Swim at your own risk.


LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND (IN)FAMOUS by Tierney Fowler (out August 19)
Find Tierney Online: Website / Twitter 
About the Book: 

Nyx Carrington, notorious for her red lipstick and over-the-top personality, has just snagged the dreamiest A-Lister in Manhattan. Tristan Halifax, a gorgeous, arrogant man with a penchant for beautiful women, could be Nyx’s chance at true love. After her last disastrous relationship with her not-so-dream guy, the brooding Crashbang bassist, AJ Abbott, Nyx is ready for a new start.

Overnight, Nyx’s relationship status with Tristan turns her into America’s Sweetheart—complete with scandalizing parties, new friendships with Manhattan’s Golden Boys, and unending photographers. It’s the perfect moment in the spotlight with Tristan—or it would be if AJ would stop writing chart topping love songs dedicated to her red lipstick.

When AJ crashes back into her life declaring that wants to reignite their high school romance, Nyx’s love life gets complicated. And when the press hears about problems with the “it” couple, they turn on Nyx—jeopardizing her relationship with Tristan, ruining her reputation, and discovering her old skeletons. Nyx’s newfound fame as America’s Sweetheart may leave her brokenhearted.

Celebrities are supposed to have it all, but having it all could mean losing everything that used to matter.

(Me again.  How awesome do both these books sound?! I want to read both, and preferably RIGHT NOW.  I love the covers, too.)

Birthday Plans

In less than two weeks, I’ll be 34.

I generally make a huge deal out of my birthday, but I don’t have any plans this year.  I see my local friends the next week for book club.

Honestly, I just kind of want to stay in and read or watch TV or sleep.

It’s not that I have a  problem with my birthday or with being in my mid-thirties.  I have no problem getting older (especially because there’s only one way to prevent it, and I would rather not die anytime soon).  I’m just not feeling it this year. I think that’s probably because next month, I’ll be in New York for BEA. I’m seeing Heathers: the Musical and I’m more excited for that (and BEA) than this birthday.

But next year I’ll be 35.  I should start planning for that now.

And We Stay

Finished And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard. I received a copy from the publisher on Netgalley.

Summary (from Goodreads):

“When high school senior Paul Wagoner walks into his school library with a stolen gun, he threatens his girlfriend Emily Beam, then takes his own life. In the wake of the tragedy, an angry and guilt-ridden Emily is shipped off to boarding school in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she encounters a ghostly presence who shares her name. The spirit of Emily Dickinson and two quirky girls offer helping hands, but it is up to Emily to heal her own damaged self.

This inventive story, told in verse and in prose, paints the aftermath of tragedy as a landscape where there is good behind the bad, hope inside the despair, and springtime under the snow.”

This is a very interesting book, one that’s definitely worth the read.  It’s short and, as the synopsis said, partially told through verse (but mostly prose).  It should take most people only an afternoon to read.

For some reason, books completely or partially about grief are finding me lately and this is no exception.  It’s not a depressing book, but it has some incredibly poignant things to say about grief.

I enjoyed reading this book, but I don’t feel that I really got to know Emily Beam.  To be fair, I’m not sure that anyone does, especially at this particular part of her life.  She’s changing a lot—evolving might be more accurate—and she holds everyone at arm’s length for much of the book.  (That included me as a reader.)

I liked it but didn’t love it.  Chances are that if it had been a little bit longer (or a lot longer), this would’ve become one of my favorites.

The 13-Month Reading Slump

For the past year (or, to be accurate, 13 months), I’ve been in a reading slump.

I still read, of course—I am in two book clubs and I read the books for those, as well as enough to keep the neverending TBR pile more or less at the same level (one book read, one book bought…).

But in 2011 and 2012, I read over 300 books each year.  Last year, it was a shade over 250. This year, I’ll probably be lucky to hit 200.  (I realize that these are not numbers to be ashamed of AT ALL.)

I used to read a book a day.  Now it’s more like a book every three or four days.  Sometimes not even that frequently.

I’m mostly okay with it.  So far, my blog hasn’t gone dark, although that day may be coming.

The bigger problem is that I’m still receiving and requesting books the way that I did when I WAS reading a book a day.  A huge “to be reviewed” stack isn’t a big deal when I could probably get through the entire list in a few months.  Now it may take all year.  But eventually I’ll get to everything and eventually (I hope) the reading mojo will be back and I’ll be that reading machine we all know and love again.  (I hope.)

I have no plans beyond “pick a book.  Read it.  Review it.  Pick another book.  Read it.  Review it.  Pick another book…” and so on.

Suggestions are welcome. :)

Labor Day (the movie)

Labor Day was my book club’s last pick.  Thanks to Harper Collins, we also had the chance to go see the movie.   (Click here for my review; click here for the book club’s reaction.)

I had planned to take pictures, but that didn’t happen.  (The obnoxious teenagers at the end of our row took plenty of pictures—some during the movie—so I guess there’s a chance that Julia and I were in some of those.)

I had heard mixed (mainly negative) reviews going in, but the trailer made it look very good and I enjoyed the book very much, so I was very hopeful.

We all ended up liking the movie.  I don’t think it’s going to win awards, but they don’t all have to.

There were several changes made from book to movie, but I liked those changes.  (Super rare, right?)

I thought, for example, that Frank was a lot more menacing in the initial meeting in the store.  In the book, it was almost like Adele found nothing unusual in a complete stranger hitching a ride to her home.  In the movie, though, it was an explicit threat.

The other huge change is the fact that in the book, it’s pretty clear who (to be vague) is to blame for the ending being what it was.  In the movie, it could be any one of a few different people.

The best part of the movie is the cast.  Every single person is just brilliant in their role.  I don’t think that’s a newsflash where Kate Winslet is concerned, but Josh Brolin and Gattlin Griffith also did great jobs.  Griffith, especially, did an amazing job.  You could really see him transform after spending time with Frank.

I’m not a huge fan of Josh Brolin, but I think he was a great choice; you could see the potential for menace but also a great deal of tenderness in his portrayal of Frank.

Obviously Kate Winslet was amazing as Adele.  I think it would’ve been easy to sink into melodrama with Adele, but she showed the desperation and vulnerability without ever making her into a caricature.  (I believe she was actually nominated for a Golden Globe, but lost to Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine.)

I don’t know that I believe this is a great date movie, but it’s a very good movie.  Recommended.


Labor Day (book club)

Harper Collins sent copies of the book to our book club, so thank you. :)

Labor Day is by Joyce Maynard and will soon be a movie with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.

We were supposed to have Labor Day-themed recipes, but I can’t cook.  So I bought ribs and potato salad.  Philip brought ice cream and Julia made a peach pie.  ( so that counts!)

We all agreed that it was an excellent story and something that was original and unique, not something that had been done a million times.

Adele was neurotic but we sympathized with her anyway.  We liked Frank and his relationship with Adele.  I think we were all rooting for them to be together, even though it would be a hard thing to sustain, possibly.  They were people who believed in true love, so maybe it’s easier for them to have it.

We enjoyed learning why Adele was the way she was, and how she became as overprotective as she is.

We thought that Frank and Henry were the two people who saw her.

One of us didn’t particularly care for the writing style, but most of us very much enjoyed it.

We all thought that it moved very quickly and we all finished it very quickly.

We were united in our hatred of Eleanor.  We didn’t like her very much even besides being the person who called the police on Frank.

Henry reminded us of Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower, although we feel like he maybe wasn’t that bad or severe of a case.

Our lone male book club participant thought that Joyce Maynard did an excellent job writing from the perspective of a teenage boy.

We were concerned about the relationship between Adele and Henry, because she related to him more as a friend than as a parent.  We thought that she didn’t really do a good job keeping appropriate boundaries.

Initially, we were all nervous about Frank but he quickly won us all over.

We’re very excited to see the movie, because the trailer looks so amazing.  We are all Kate Winslet fans.  “It may do for pies what Ghost did for pottery-making.”

We’re excited to see the chemistry between the three characters and also just between Adele and Frank.  I’m excited to see the scene where Frank teaches Henry to play baseball.  We’re also looking forward to the initial meeting between them, the pie-making scene and the scene where he ties Adele up.

Books to Watch For In 2014: A Guest Post From Martha Brockenbrough!

Throughout December, I will be highlighting 2014 releases that I’m incredibly excited for.  I got the idea for this from my friend Kathy, who is doing something similar.  Make sure to check out her blog to see what books she’s excited for next year!

Today, my friend (and amazing author) Martha Brockenbrough shares what she’s most excited for next year.

My TBR pile currently has more than 300 books in it. It’s an insane amount and all my husband can say about it is, “You. You and your stacks of books.” (This is how we fight. It’s brutal.)

Even with that insurmountable mountain of words in front of me (and behind me, and on either side of me), thinking about the year to come in books, I still feel the giddy warmth you experience when you know something good is on the way: Christmas … the new season of Downton Abbey … longer, warmer days.

There are a few titles I await because I loved the first two in the series.

Here, I am thinking of Ruin and Rising, the third in Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha series. This is a magic-based fantasy set in a vaguely Russian world, and it’s beautifully crafted and swiftly plotted, with some nice tortured love.

I’m also thinking of Mortal Heart, the third in Robin LaFevers’ Grave Mercy series. If you haven’t read this one yet, it’s about French medieval assassin nuns, political intrigue, and delicious romantic yearning.

As I ponder what these two series have in common, besides some elements of fantasy, is their beautiful construction. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting kind of old and crotchety, or because I am learning more about the writer I want to be, but I don’t have much interest in books that aren’t extremely well written. It doesn’t mean the prose needs to be fancy or complicated. Sometimes, a simpler style is the hardest thing to pull off well.

And while I get the appeal of a rip-roaring page-turner, what makes me turn pages has evolved to a pretty specific standard, and if a book feels below it, I will close the cover, kiss it gently, and put it away. That’s someone else’s book to love.

A third book I’m excited to read, I’ve already read in draft form. That’s Lish McBride’s Firebug. It has all of Lish’s usual humor, monsters and monstrous behavior, and one of her hottest narrators yet. Literally and figuratively. I can’t wait ot read the final version.

And finally, the book I am most excited to read in 2014 (besides the final version of my 2015 novel, The Game of Love and Death), is the book I haven’t heard of yet. It’s the one that doesn’t have the buzz. The author that doesn’t have the name. But it’s a story somebody had to write, a story someone poured their heart into, a story that will, somehow, miraculously resonate with mine and remind me that there is always something new to love in this sometimes too-dark world.

Thanks, Martha!


Books to Watch For in 2014: A Guest Post From Valerie!

Throughout December, I will be highlighting 2014 releases that I’m incredibly excited for.  I got the idea for this from my friend Kathy, who is doing something similar.  Make sure to check out her blog to see what books she’s excited for next year!

Today, my awesome friend and blogmate Val is here to discuss her most anticipated books in 2014.

My blogmate, Kelly, has asked what books I am looking forward to in 2014. Well, several of my favorite authors have books coming out next year.

Sarah Rees Brennan’s last book in the Lynburn trilogy, Unbroken, will be out some time next year. Hopefully. You can check out the first 2 books here.

Jess Haines’s latest book in her H&W Investigations series, Enslaved By The Others, will be out on July 1, 2014. You can check out the first 5 books here.

Charlaine Harris is starting a new book series. Whoo! The first book, Midnight Crossroad, will be published on May 6, 2014.

Pamela Palmer’s latest book in her Vamp City series will be out some time next year. No publication date, title or cover art. Booooooo! You can check out the first 2 books here.

Jeaniene Frost’s last book in her Night Prince trilogy will be out some time next year. No publication date, title or cover art. Yet. You can check out the first 2 books here.

She is also starting a new, non-vampire (gasp!) series. The first book, The Beautiful Ashes, will be released in September 2014.

Which leads me to my most eagerly awaited book of 2014. At least at this point! There is a publication date AND a book cover and I have already pre-ordered it on Amazon.

Up From The Grave – Jeaniene Frost

Up From The Grave is the latest book in Frost’s Night Huntress series. It is also the last! (Insert dramatic sob here!) I have previously gushed over Jeaniene Frost’s books and will now do so again!

I first discovered her books last October. After the first book I read, Once Burned, I decided to read the rest of the series. (Once Burned, at that time, was the last book in the series.) Using the helpful reading guide on her website, I then read every book, short story and novella in her entire Night Huntress/Night Huntress World/Night Prince series in order. All 15! I finished with the the last Night Prince book, Twice Tempted, at the end of March.

The Night Huntress series features Cat, a half-vampire, and Bones, a full vampire. In the first book, Halfway to the Grave, Cat and Bones meet, fall in love and beat the crap out of a lot of bad people. Heh. Over the course of the series, Cat and Bones go through a lot of adventures. There’s lots of blood, death, sex, friendship, zombies, love, a dream snatcher, sex, demons, voodoo, betrayals, vendettas, ghosts, telepathy and sex. Did I forget to mention the sexy times?

I have thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this series. Frost has created a fascinating, complex world of humans, vampires, ghosts and ghouls. In the first Night Huntress book, Halfway To The Grave, Cat has recently learned of her vampire heritage and enters the supernatural world intent on killing vampires. She is quickly captured by Master vampire Bones and her education of all things supernatural begins. As Cat learns the ins and outs of her new world, so does the reader. It has been so much fun to meet all the characters and to love them, cry for them, be angry with them.

As I said, this is the last Cat and Bones book. I hope they get a rollicking send off with lots of machinations and asskicking! And sexy times! Originally, the series was supposed to be 9 books. But as she was writing Up From The Grave, Frost realized that she had finished their story. I am sorry that this will end the adventures of Cat and Bones, but it’s hard to argue with, “if I just kept writing, I would only be taking your money.”

Thanks, Val! So what are you most excited for from this list?