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Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


I feel like I have so many amazing books coming up to read.  Do you ever feel like that? It’s like every book I have in the stack is just amazing and I cannot wait.  (Upcoming books include the new Jandy Nelson, the new Meg Wolitzer, Famous Last Words, Girl Defective, Tell Me, Anatomy of a Misfit and Falling Into Place.)


We’re slowly heading into two of my favorite movie seasons: Oscar season and horror movie season! The two converge on October 3, when two movies that I am very excited to see both come out.  One is, of course, Gone Girl.  I’m very excited for it in and in a world where The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo gets some nominations, I’m willing to bet Gone Girl could get nods for Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Adapted Screenplay.

And the other? Annabelle.  It’s the prequel of sorts to The Conjuring which had a subplot featuring the world’s creepiest doll.  This movie is all about Annabelle and could be awesome (it’s produced by James Wan—who is doing great things with horror movies—and has Alfre Woodard in the cast) and could be horrible (it’s about a doll; it’s very, very hard to do a movie that centers around a doll and have it be scary. Doll as partial scare—see Poltergeist and The Conjuring—can be done very well; doll as entire scare is generally not good at all).  But I am going to see it anyway, hopefully with my friend Janie.

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


I have all these amazing books ahead of me to read and I feel so incredibly lucky to be a book blogger and to get to read so many of them early.  Fellow bloggers, do you ever feel that way? Like you look at your TBR stack and just think, “Holy crap, there are so many! But they all look so amazing and they’re all mine!” And I feel especially blessed that publishers and authors and publicists value my opinion enough to seek it out for a review.  It’s overwhelming in the best possible way, but I hope I never forget how lucky I am.  And I get to go to BEA every year!  (Starting in 2016, I get an extra week vacation at the day job, and I plan to start trying to go to ALA every year it’s on the East Coast or in Chicago.  I think West Coast ALAs would be too expensive, but East Coast ones? Yes, please!)


I have been on a bit of a horror movie kick recently (always) and am completely obsessed with the movie Oculus.  It has so many of my triggers in horror movies (weird things in mirrors, weird things happening to faces, weird things happening to eyes and things happening to your teeth) and it’s a completely confusing movie that keeps you completely off-kilter.  It’s amazing and I love it.

Also, we’re about a month away from the big Halloween boxset release on Blu-Ray and I am SO EXCITED.  I feel like movie for movie, this is the best horror series ever.  There are only two movies that I think are pretty bad (and one of them, Halloween 6, is redeemed by the producer’s cut, WHICH IS INCLUDED IN THE DELUXE BOXSET!).  Nightmare on Elm Street may be my favorite but I think Halloween is the best.


I have currently discovered the joy of (thanks to my friend Erin).  Everything I’ve ordered from them has been amazing and I have a hard time saying exactly what my favorite thing is.  I love the peanut butter cups and the caramel puffs and the black cherry gummy bears and and and and and.  (Yeah, they have a lot of healthy snacks as well, but I haven’t tried those.  I DID get their marshmallow bits, however, which is basically like a bag full of the marshmallows from Lucky Charms with none of the gross cereal parts.  And it’s just as awesome as you’d expect it to be.)

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


We’re about two weeks from the re-release of Isla.  I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this book (and I think it’s been about four years, because I got Lola at my second BEA, so…) and I’m so happy that it’s almost here.

Also, I’m starting to plan my 2015 Books to Watch For feature.  It’s pretty heavy on Spencer Hill books, but there are some great ones coming out.  AND I have some amazing non-SHP authors lined up, too.  I’m very excited at sharing these books with you. :)


I have been in the mood for horror movies lately and I’m very excited for Oculus to come out on Tuesday! I didn’t see it in the theater, so I’m hoping to see it over my weekend.


I’m really liking the show Girl Meets World! It’s not a great show, but I think it’s really cute and sweet.  And it’s nice to see Cory and Topanga together again.  And it helps that I’m pretty much always home on Fridays (as opposed to at work) so I can get into the habit of watching it.

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


I’ve seen 22 Jump Street four times now.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 21 Jump Street about 30 times but this is pretty impressive given that I almost never get to the movies.  So there’s that.


I just binge-watched The Comeback and I absolutely love it.  I’d heard good things and when HBO announced there’d be a second season, I figured it was a sign that I should watch the first.  Except now I’m done with the first season and I’m not sure when the second season will start.  (Anyone know?)

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


I recently read Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle and it’s so good! I am already desperate for the next installment (I believe it’s a trilogy, but either way there’s at least one other book coming).  My review will be out closer to its review date, but if you like contemporary YA, movies or both, this is the book for you.


I hate this, but my vacation is almost over! If you’re my Facebook friend (or Twitter follower), you already know how it’s been going, but if not, expect recap posts to start appearing soon.

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Mandatory Movies, Part 2

Today I’m tackling the second part of my mandatory movies list.  I’m going to do the top 15 movies in the rest of my categories.  As with yesterday, classics will be put into their respective genres instead of in a category all by themselves (Jaws would be in horror, not classics, for example.)


1)  Jaws

2)  Rear Window

3)  Psycho

4)  Rosemary’s Baby

5)  Halloween (original)

6)  A Nightmare on Elm Street (original)

7)  The Ring (American remake)

8)  Alien

9)  The Exorcist

10)  The Conjuring

11)  Night of the Living Dead

12)  The Omen

13)  Poltergeist

14)  The Blair Witch Project

15)  The Strangers


1)  The Breakfast Club

2)  Sixteen Candles

3)  Pretty in Pink

4)  Dirty Dancing

5)  Say Anything

6)  The Goonies

7)  Labyrinth

8)  Big

9)  Back to the Future

10)  Beetlejuice

11)  Who Framed Roger Rabbit

12)  Footloose

13)  Clue

14)  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

15)  Ghostbusters

Kids Movies:

1)  The Harry Potter series

2)  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

3)  Beauty and the Beast

4)  Alice in Wonderland

5)  ET

6)  Wall-E

7)  Toy Story

8)  The Muppet Movie (okay, almost all the Muppet movies)

9)  Mary Poppins

10)  The Lion King

11)  The Incredibles

12)  Pete’s Dragon

13)  Robin Hood

14)  Pinocchio

15)  Peter Pan


1)  Singin’ in the Rain

2)  The Sound of Music

3)  Moulin Rouge

4)  An American in Paris

5)  My Fair Lady

6)  West Side Story

7)  The King and I

8)  Chicago

9)  The Wizard of Oz

10)  Rent

11)  Les Miserables

12)  The Rocky Horror Picture Show

13)  Grease

14)  Annie

15)  Hair

Mandatory Movies, Part 1

I’m going to do the top 15 movies in a few categories.  Classics will be put into their respective genres instead of in a category all by themselves (Jaws would be in horror, not classics, for example).  These are in no particular order.


1)  The Godfather and The Godfather Part II

2)  Double Indemnity

3)  The Graduate

4)   A Streetcar Named Desire

5)  12 Angry Men

6)  All About Eve

7)  The Maltese Falcon

8)  The Lion in Winter

9)  The Third Man

10)  Sunset Boulevard

11)  To Kill a Mockingbird

12)  Bonnie and Clyde

13)  Rocky

14)  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

15)  No Country For Old Men


1)  The Apartment

2)  Some Like it Hot

3)  National Lampoon’s Animal House

4)  The Blues Brothers

5)  The Producers

6)  Young Frankenstein

7)  National Lampoon’s Vacation

8)  Bringing Up Baby

9)  Airplane!

10)  The Odd Couple

11)  Tootsie

12)  Heathers

13)  Clueless

14)  Little Miss Sunshine

15)  The Hangover

Love Stories:

1)  Casablanca

2)  The Philadelphia Story

3)  Sabrina

4)  Roman Holiday

5)  When Harry Met Sally

6)  The Way We Were

7)  Woman of the Year

8)  Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

9)  Bull Durham

10)  You’ve Got Mail

11)  As Good as it Gets

12)  The American President

13)  An Affair to Remember

14)  Gone With the Wind

15)  The Princess Bride

Action (may contain sci-fi movies, as well):

1)  Original 3 Star Wars

2)  Lord of the Rings trilogy

3)  Tombstone

4)  James Bond (most Connery movies, Live and Let Die, Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Skyfall)

5)  Kill Bill volume 1 and 2

6)  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

7)  Speed

8)  The Bourne series

9)  The Matrix

10)  Terminator and Terminator 2

11)  Raiders of the Lost Ark

12)  The Batman movies (the 1989 Batman and Christopher Nolan’s trilogy)

13)  The Crow

14)  Gladiator

15)  The Wild Bunch

Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!

So I am in Arizona and will be doing a running travelogue soon, but to keep you company until then…


I recently scrolled through the Kindle app on my iPad and am absolutely amazed at how many great books I have that I haven’t read yet.  I am planning on working on a reading list (tune in tomorrow to see what made the cut).  Meanwhile, there’s something about being on vacation (especially with my best friend, who’s a fellow voracious reader) that makes me want to read actual books.  But don’t worry—I brought my Kindle, too.  I am a huge fan of being able to have ALL THE BOOKS with me without having to break my back carrying all the books.


I have been watching 21 Jump Street over and over and over.  I don’t know what it is about this movie, but after my cousin died last year, I watched it over and over.  After Kathy died a few weeks ago, it started again.  I think it’s that it’s (a) really funny and (b) not emotionally taxing.  And it helps that I can watch it in 20 minute increments, which is about what my grief attention span is.  Jen and I plan to watch 22 Jump Street, as well, and I am very excited about this.


After my vacation, I’m planning to get back to Sons of Anarchy (yes, FINALLY) but I am also hoping to start watching Girl Meets World.  It seems absolutely adorable and I’m so excited at the thought of it.  Don’t judge.

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


I am just a few days from my vacation (this time next week, I’ll be in Arizona) and I seriously cannot wait. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it.  (There will be posts of vacation summary, too.  Sorry not sorry.)

After losing Kathy suddenly and unexpectedly, I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my best friend and I promise to be in at least half of the pictures I take.


I just finished watching The Mindy Project and have also gotten totally sucked into episodes of America Ninja Warrior.  It’s so fun. :)  There are about a billion other shows I need to start watching (you’ve all heard me mention them before and the list just keeps growing) but we do what we can. :)

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


Now that we are post-BEA, there are about a billion books I want to read RIGHT NOW.  Unfortunately, since I’ve been in a weird thing lately where I have the attention span of a gnat, it’s taking me forever to read anything.  So God only knows how long it will take me to get to these amazing books.  Fortunately, I have a plane ride soon and I will have nothing to do but read.  Win-win!


I am very close to another vacation (don’t be jealous; after this, I have nothing until a few days in late December).  When I’m visiting my best friend, we are going to see 22 Jump Street and The Fault in Our Stars.  I am so excited to see both; I can’t even tell you.  I’m probably a touch more excited to see 22 Jump Street, but that’s because (a) I know TFIOS will be amazing and (b) I know it will make me cry.  22 Jump Street may be a letdown but at least right now, it’s potentially the best movie of my summer.  (I love the first one to a ridiculous, unhealthy degree.)


I have been watching episodes of The Mindy Project like nobody’s business (more on that to come in a few days).  I love this show, which is really smart and really funny and I can’t wait for the third season to start.

So what are you obsessed with this week?