Books to Watch For in 2014: A Guest Post by Miriam Parker!

Throughout December, I will be highlighting 2014 releases that I’m incredibly excited for.  I got the idea for this from my friend Kathy, who is doing something similar.  Make sure to check out her blog to see what books she’s excited for next year!

I also lined up some guest posts.  The second is from Miriam Parker, who is Little, Brown’s online marketing director.

The book that I’m sure will have everyone talking in 2014 is THE BEAR by Claire Cameron. It’s a stunning novel that is kind of like ROOM meets CABIN IN THE WOODS. It’s the story of Anna, a five year-old girl who goes on an idyllic camping trip with her family in Canada. It’s a great trip: until they are attacked by a bear. The telling of the bear attack is completely gripping, as well as entirely horrifying. As a reader, you can’t help but be drawn along on Anna’s adventure. I read this book when we had it on submission and devoured it in one night, but it has stayed with me  ever since I read it. I know it will fascinate and haunt everyone who reads it.

Thanks, Miriam! I haven’t heard of The Bear before (it’s out in February) but I’ve already preordered it.

What do you think? Are you as intrigued by “Room meets Cabin in the Woods” as I am?


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