Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


So basically everything I’m obsessed with this week falls under this category.  First, I’ve been catching up on Scandal, thanks to BET running all the episodes over the course of three days.  I’m currently in the second season and, barring some sort of catastrophe, I will be watching the third season live.  I already am cursing the idea of having to wait a week between shows!  Because I am still reading a lot, I’ve decided to limit myself to one episode a day (two episodes on Thursdays and Fridays, my weekend).   It’s hard enough having to wait a day to see what comes next!

After I catch up with Scandal, I will be watching Downton Abbey.  I’ve promised my best friend that I’ll be able to watch season four live, so I have three seasons to watch between now and January.  (SO doable.)

But what to watch after that?  I have a bunch of choices: The Wire, Ray Donovan, The Bridge, Friday Night Lights, Twin Peaks, Everwood, Once and Again, Homeland, The Walking Dead, Sherlock and Game of Thrones.  So feel free to weigh in via comment.  What do I watch post-Downton Abbey?

On a related note, I mentioned a few days ago that Kathy is starting a TV blog, which I have shamelessly attached myself to.  The idea is to have it up and running before our shows come back!  I’m ridiculously excited to get going on this.  She has the best ideas and I’m so lucky to be able to benefit.  (On a popular TIOW note, you’ll be happy-but-not-surprised to know that we’ve already started talking about next year’s BEA.  And not just recently, either.)

Finally, of course, is the final season of Breaking Bad.  I can sum up my thoughts on these recent episodes this way: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m also watching Talking Bad, which is basically showrunners and cast members talking about the show with “celebrity superfans.”  I generally do not appreciate the superfan input but I absolutely love the insight from the cast and writers.

So what are you obsessed with this week?

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14 thoughts on “Things I’m Obsessed With

  1. The Wire was phenomenal–perhaps the best writing I’ve ever seen on TV. Also phenomenally disturbing, but the same can be said for many of these shows. I’ve been watching The Bridge recently and it’s had its ups and downs. I love the atmosphere, but have found many of the storylines to be a little too far-fetched. Sherlock (season 1) I thought was well done, although too suspenseful for me. I had to watch the episodes in little chunks so as to not hyperventilate. (Yeah, I’m a wuss.) I still need to watch FNL!

      1. I would also add Orange Is the New Black to this list if you haven’t already seen it. Put it right up there next to The Wire.

  2. Because I’m selfish and I want people to be able to talk about Sherlock with me, I’m going to say Sherlock. But it is a fantastic show and the whole thing is only nine hours long, so it’s also a good choice on its own merits. :-)

  3. I’m not really sure those two shows are on the same playing field. Sherlock has 3 “seasons” each consisting of 3 episodes. So 9 shows total. The Wire has 5 seasons of 13 episodes a season. So 65 shows total.

    Watch Sherlock. You can knock it out in a Saturday. Than watch The Wire. ‘Sides, I’d have voted for Sherlock anyway. The show is amazeballs. :)

  4. I vote for Sherlock first, Game of Thrones second & FNL third. I’ve never watched the The Wire, but I will. Some day. :) I watched all 9 hours of Sherlock this summer & loved it! I even play it in the background when I’m working on my computer.
    Sherlock would have been #1 anyway, but of the shows you listed, I picked the ones I liked, then put them in order of # of eps. It seems easier to start shows when they have fewer eps. :)

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