Things I’m Obsessed With

Welcome to the latest Things I’m Obsessed With!


First and foremost: HOLY CRAP, BREAKING BAD.  I can’t even believe how good it’s been so far (and “good” is far too weak a word for what the first part of the last few episodes have been like) and I am trying to focus on that instead of the fact that we now only have six episodes left.  I worry for my favorite characters but no matter what happens in those six episodes, it’s going to be stellar acting and writing and cinematography…this is my favorite show and I am going to miss it.


I am currently reading Just One Day by Gayle Forman (soon to be followed by its sequel, Just One Year*) and I absolutely love it.  I am pretty sure that I will never have an epic love story like Willem and Allyson, primarily because I would never, ever leave a scheduled itinerary to go to Paris with a stranger.  (While this will certainly ensure me dying alone, this also will hopefully keep my life from turning into either Taken or Hostel, too.)  But anyway, such a fantastic book! I want to read Wanderlust now, too.  (Has anyone read it? Is it great?)

* = Thanks to Penguin’s awesome program, First To Read, which is an absolutely wonderful idea.  A certain number of books are offered every few weeks.  You request the ones you would like to read and then you either get them or not.  But even if you aren’t picked to read them, you can get to read an excerpt.  Even better, for titles that are sure to get a lot of requests (like, say, Just One Year), you can guarantee yourself a copy by trading in 1,000 points for it.  And  it is very, very easy to rack up points.  So thank you, Penguin! You are awesome.

So what are you obsessed with this week?

2 thoughts on “Things I’m Obsessed With

  1. Oooo, I’m going to have to check out the First to Read program!
    I read Just One Day and I’m looking forward to Just One Year. Love stories where we get to see things from another character’s point of view.

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